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Go Here: Big Talbot Island State Park Blackrock Beach

21 May

For years, I’ve occasional come across pictures of this gorgeous oceanfront area with huge tree sized driftwood along the shore. Absolutely breathtaking.


I was shocked when I finally realized this beautiful escape was located just a short car ride away.



Black Rock Trail is located in Big Talbot Island State Park in Amelia Island, Florida. The parking for Blackrock Beach is on the east side (beach side) along A1A north of Kayak Amelia and just south of the George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park.

Here’s a Google Maps Link in case that’s just too confusing of an explanation.


You do need to pay $3 cash to park, so be prepared. It’s the honor system, but there was someone there ticketing cars when we left so I recommend being fairly honest.


From where you park, walk to your right and a pathway will appear.


The path is maybe half a mile long and takes you to the beach area where the beautiful driftwood awaits!


There was a bit of a cliff when I was there, so you do need to be a bit limber if you wish to get out onto the beach. You can still enjoy the view from above without climbing down.





I don’t want to spoil the surprise by posting too many photos. I highly recommend blocking out an afternoon and visiting Blackrock Beach. It was truly an unforgettable afternoon.

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