Beach runs can really suck!

25 Jul

I’m doing the K-Swiss Tour de Pain in a few weeks!  I’ve wanted to do this race for about 3 years now.  I either wimp out or am out of town, but this year there’s no excuses.  The run itself is kinda intimidating!  It’s actually 3 races in 24 hours.  Friday night a 4 mile beach run (yikes), Saturday morning a normal 5k road race, and Saturday evening what they call a 1 mile sizzler.  I don’t think I’ve ran a 1 mile race for time since high-school.

Regardless, knowing this race is coming up, I figured I should PROBABLY add a beach run into my half-marathon training.  Beach runs can really suck.  (although, some people like them..)  It’s been about a year and a half since I last ran on the beach and that was for the Never Quit 5k.  And it sucked!!  So knowing this, I didn’t want the actual race to be my first beach run.

Our training plan called for 5.5 miles on Saturday, so we set out from Jax Beach.   I wanted to go far enough south that we’d have scenery like the lifeguard tower, pier, etc. I really didn’t know how far stuff was spaced out.  We only really ran 5 miles though.  Apparantly when I’m tired, I can’t do the math of dividing 5.5 into two (an out and back) and I stopped too early.  Oh well.  It was a tough enough run and I was plenty happy to be done. I’m shocked to see we almost ran all the way to One Ocean though.  Maybe just a 1/2 a mile away.  Next time we do a training run out on the beach, we’ll be sure to do that.

When I got home, I loaded up my run from my Garmin and this popped up.  Kinda neat to see the run on an aerial map, so I thought I’d share.


Do you like running on the beach?
Do you find it tougher than running on the road?

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3 Responses to “Beach runs can really suck!”

  1. Stacey August 24, 2015 at 3:34 pm #

    Thank you, Leigh!!!!

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